Happy International Women´s Day!


Happy International Women´s Day!

Monday, March 8th 2021
Happy International Women´s Day!Happy International Women´s Day!Happy International Women´s Day!

Any day is a good day to meet our team. But today, we want you to meet some of the Grupo Faustino´s women.

Carmen Martínez Zabala - Grupo Faustino’s President and Owner: “All people, male and female, are capable because of their skills, intelligence and perspicacy. Sometimes luck also plays a part. We must always look beyond gender to understand a person and their true potential”.

Lourdes Martínez Zabala - Grupo Faustino’s Owner: “The basis is to be a good person, so you can build anything. And if you are a woman, more than one thing at a time! Feminine pride”.

Eva Vázquez Blanco - Director Administration Department: “Celebrating to be a part of a company that believes in women's professional development”.

Rocío Muñoz Marín - Export Director: “Working with dedication, tenacity and enthusiasm, we can drive the agenda to achieve equal opportunities. By celebrating diversity of talent we can be a true source of inspiration and motivation. Achieving genuine equality is the responsibility of each and everyone of us”. 

Belén Sarramián - Laboratory and R+D+i Department: “Small achievements that go beyond the individual, searching of equality”.

Ruth Rodríguez Ascacíbar - Winemaker of Bodegas Campillo: “As a working woman, I am extremely grateful to my parents, who gave me the opportunity to be educated. With my daily work I know that I am doing the same for my daughter and for that, every day is worth it”.

Nuria García Ruiz Esquide - Winery worker: “Behind each of us, there is a story of a fighter. Work hard and never stop, courage is the only necessary to be successful”.

Carmen Oros Romeo - Corporate Export Manager: “In the export department of Bodegas Faustino I deal with different people from different countries, but this cultural difference does not interfere with my human approach to negotiation”.  

Elena Larrea Dueñas - Marketing Director: “So proud to be part of Grupo Faustino, a company of women in power. The number of female managers is much higher than the average in other companies, a benchmark in the wine industry!”

We are so proud! Happy International Women's Day!

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