Grupo Faustino Showcases its Iconic Faustino I Wine in Top European and American Airports

Monday, September 9th 2019

Sales abroad account for 50% of GrupoFaustino’s revenues.

Grupo Faustino, which sells brands from the Faustino, Portia, Campillo, Marqués de Vitoria, Valcarlos, Leganza and Victorianas wineries, is taking a step further in its international expansion in September showcasing its iconic Faustino I Gran Reserva in Top European and American airports.

Javier García, the Head of Key Accounts at Grupo Faustino told Europa Press that, “As of September, our most iconic wine, Faustino I, the best-selling Rioja Gran Reserva worldwide, named “best wine in the world” by Decanter magazine, will be featured in the top airports throughout Europe, North American and South America.”

He went on to explain that airports are a “good showcase for wines”. “It is interesting to note that top wines are often featured in airports before they are promoted via traditional channels. International customers seek to purchase wines from prestigious wineries, ones they know are not going to let them down. They do not want to risk purchasing a less well-known yet trendy wine. Moreover, the prices of top shelf wines are more attractive in airports.” 

Today, around 15 Spanish wines are featured in all Spanish airports; of note are the premium wines, such as Faustino I Gran Reserva, Faustino Icon, Portia Triennia and Campillo Finca Cuesta Clara. Moreover, Bodegas Faustino also already sells its wines duty-free in international airports such as Chicago, Seattle, Las Vegas, Mexico, Brazil, Vienna, Saint Petersburg and Helsinki, among others.


The group is also committed to innovating in formats, such as the ‘ready to go‘ available at airport duty-free “Bodegas Faustino has innovated in creating new formats for the market and new bottle closing systems, such as screw tops which make the moderate consumption of wine more accessible. Moreover, demand for 18.75cl formats is growing for consumption by air travellers” said García.

Grupo Faustino has a presence with its wines in more than 120 countries worldwide, in which its premium brands take centre stage. “Today, over 50% of our revenues are generated through exports, meaning that our wines are already well-known by tourists visiting Spain. Although sales in airports represent 5% of national sales, they are important because of the image they provide”, Garcia said.

The group’s Key Account Manager went on to emphasize that visitors from abroad to Spain really value the “extraordinary value-for-money” of Spanish wines.

“Some Spanish consumers do not properly value a wine with a strong market presence and instead opt for less known wines, ones that they perceive to be more trendy. However, quality abroad is much more highly valued, regardless of the level of production of the wine,” Garcia stated.

Bodegas Faustino is a Spanish family company that was founded in 1861. It has seven wineries in five different Designations of Origin (D.O.La Rioja, D.O. Ribera del Duero, D.O. Navarra, D.O. La Mancha, D.O. Cava) and its vineyards span more than 2000 hectares, growing more than 15 grape varieties.

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