Top 10 in spanish wines searcher


Faustino I Gran Reserva among the top ten most searched Spanish wines on Wine-Searcher, the “Google of Wine”

Monday, March 28th 2022
Top 10 in spanish wines searcherTop 10 in spanish wines searcherTop 10 in spanish wines searcher

Faustino I Gran Reserva, the world’s best-selling Rioja, is one of the ten most searched Spanish wines on Wine-Searcher, the highly successful search engine used by millions of people to locate, compare and purchase wines, nicknamed the “Google of Wine”.

Faustino I Gran Reserva shares the list with leading brands from different designations of origin such as Toro, Ribera del Duero and Rioja. According to Wine-Searcher statistics, Rioja continues to be the most popular Spanish wine region internationally.

The 2022 list of the most searched Spanish wine includes five Rioja wines, featuring Faustino I Gran Reserva, Bodegas Faustino’s most emblematic and the world’s best-selling Rioja, which enjoys well-deserved international prestige.

The Faustino brand is highly recognised by consumers and its reputation continues to grow. People may be open to new experiences and new flavours and styles, but as a rule, they always tend to go back to their favourite brands. This is one of the reasons why Faustino can be found among the top ten Spanish wines. 

Located in Oyón, in the Spanish province of Álava, the Bodega Faustino winery possesses the greatest collection of legendary DOCa Rioja vintages and 750 hectares of vineyards in the Rioja Alavesa subregion, spread out between Laguardia and Oyón. It belongs to the Martínez Zabala family and is a part of one of most important wine groups in Spain, with a presence in more than 140 countries. It is the leader in Gran Reserva wines in the DOCa Rioja appellation and produces the world’s most select Rioja wines. Rioja wines of legend and excellence, such as Faustino I and its incredible vintages.

Tasting and pairing notes Faustino I Gran Reserva 

Look: clean, bright; lovely red colour, developing to maroon.

Smell: complex and balsamic; notes of stewed fruit, sweet and warm hints of oak; spicy nuance (cinnamon) in the background.

Taste: good entry, pleasant in the mouth, rounded; soft acidity balanced out by sweet toasted notes of oak and fruit.

Finish: very long, marked by reminders of stewed fruit and oak.

This great wine is very versatile when it comes to pairing: it goes very well with barbecued meats, seared tuna and high-fat cured cheeses. It goes surprisingly well with mild Indian and Latin American dishes. It is perfect with grilled octopus and baked potatoes, and with such Asian dishes as Wagyu beef and Peking duck. And to finish off a good meal, we recommend you leave a little aside to accompany desserts such as baked cheesecake and chocolate.

The history of Faustino: yesterday, today and the future

The Martínez Zabala family boasts a history spanning more than 160 years of expertise and passion for its vineyards and the world of wine. Over the years, the foundations were laid for the mindset and aspirations of the company, now in its fourth generation with Carmen and Lourdes Martínez Zabala at the helm. This generation has more than 20 years’ experience in operating the winery and preserving its legacy of four essential pillars: vineyards, family, sustainability and innovation.

The family’s vineyards, one of these pillars, comprise 2,200 hectares in the best Spanish designations of origin, and are key to making high-quality wines. As the winemaking group with the largest expanse of own vineyards ensures the best care for the land and the best grapes.

Thanks to a meticulous grape selection process and wine production that brings together tradition with innovation, Bodegas Faustino offers one of the largest and best-known ranges of red, rosé and white wines and cavas, much of which is exported and enjoyed in more than 140 countries. 

About the Martínez Zabala family wineries 

The Martínez Zabala family started out in the world of wine in 1861. The fourth generation of the family is now in control of this more than 160-year-old legacy, with six prestigious wineries and world leaders in high-quality wines. Four generations of a family inspired by vineyards, yesterday, today and forever. Today Grupo Faustino sells brands from the Faustino, Portia, Campillo, Marqués de Vitoria, Valcarlos and Leganza wineries. 

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