We finish a harvest advanced in time and with a lower production in general

Tuesday, October 3th 2017
Vendima HarvestVendima

In Faustino Group we conclude the harvest of this year 2017 marked by a reduction of the production in all the varieties and denominations of origin; but with a quality that presages the obtaining of wines with good characteristics for later aging.

In Rioja, the early 2017’s harvest has started 3 weeks before last year and 2 before the average. The year has been marked by the frost of April 28, but in our vineyards haven’t been as important as other places. The decrease of yield is a 10% in the white varieties and 20% in the red ones since last year. The grapes harvested has high content of sugar, the cluster are small and the grapes are healthy. We expect that this year production is less than normal. Besides, the dryness during summer favour allowed to have small and reduced grapes, that permitted to have higher colour and structured wines. The grape-juice shows good balanced between acidity, aromas and colour, that permitted to get wines with good characteristics for ageing.

In DO Mancha the cycle has been short. Has been marked by high temperatures in Spring and Summer and low rainfall, that contribute to advance the harvesting in 2 weeks from the average. The harvest started on August 14 with the white varieties, earlier than usual. The white grapes sugar has been similar to average, in the red grapes shows higher sugar content. In any case, in red grapes we find balanced between acidity, aromas and colour, that favour high quality wines. This year’ harvest has been calm. In DO Mancha we estimate to have a reduction of a 40% in White varieties and 30% in the red ones.

The DO Navarra was characterized by a short cycle, marked by high temperatures in Spring and Summer, and low rainfall, that allowed to start the harvest 2 weeks earlier than the average. The year was marked by the frost of April. This year we get less brunches and with smaller grapes, this fact will marked the yield we get this vintage. The harvest started 2 weeks earlier than usual, and stand out the extraordinary health of the grapes and the slightly higher sugar content. Balance between acidity, aroma and colour, we expect that this year’s wine will we appropriate for ageing.

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